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2012年6月6日 ミニアルバム「Graduation From Me」でインディーズデビュー。

2012年春 マツダデミオのCM曲に「君と 空」が起用される。

2012年10月10日 アルバム「9STORIES」でメジ ャーデビュー。

2013年7月-8月 FM PORT「TOKYO→NIGATA MUSIC CONVOY水曜日」のパーソナリティを務める。


2016年2月 再始動。ライブ活動を再開。

2017年3月30日 アルバム『From Here』発売。

鎌倉LOOPで行われたリリースイベントはSOLD OUTした。

2017年7月7日 OTODAMA FES2017に出演。

2017年10月〜現在 RKBラジオ「宮﨑薫 From Here」


2019年7月 「宮﨑薫 30祭〜NEW ERA NEW AGE 〜」代官山LOOP SOLD OUT。

2019年12月 New EP「The Light」を発売。

同月Billboard caféでのリリースイベントを Sold Outし成功させる。


Since the day Kaoru Miyazaki was born, she was surrounded by music.She started to make music with piano and guitar when she was in college,

After graduating from school she focused her passion and dedication to creating music.

On June 6th 2012, she debuted with her first album

“Graduation From Me” from Tower Records.
In the spring of 2012, her song “Kimi to Sora”

was picked and played in a commercial for Mazda Demio.
On October 10th 2012, she released her major album “9 STORIES”.

In the same year, she performed at the showcase live of Tower Records.
From July to August, she was a radio personality in “TOKYO NIGATA MUSIC CONVOY WEDNESDAY”.
She took a break for 2 years in 2014.
She jumpstarted her music career early in 2016 and continues to create music for future release.

2014 Started a two-year break from recording and performances.

February of 2016 Kaoru returned to live performances and recorded a new album.

March of 2017 The album “From Here” was released. Kaoru performed to a sold-out audience for the album release event at Loop Kamakura.

July of 2017 Kaoru performed at the OTODAMA Fest. 

October of 2017 to present day, Kaoru created and continues to host her radio channel “Kaoru Miyazaki From Here” on RKB radio.

July of 2019 Kaoru performed to a sold-out audience at Dakianyama Loop for the “Kaoru Miyazaki 30th Anniversary – New Era New Age” event.

December of 2019 The latest EP “The light” was released. That same month, Kaoru performed to a sold-out audience at the Billboard Café for album launch event.

A Little More About Me...





I really also care a lot about animals, and I visited Africa twice. In my personal life, I live with 2 dogs, and have desires to contribute in creating a society that is good for the animals as well as the environment. I created coasters with a paw motif and donated all the profits to animal welfare groups.